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Real estate development


Residential/Housing Development

We pursue a living space that is flexible to change and expandable to needs of the residents, with eco-friendly designs for the community to enjoy the environment. Heerim is creating new lifestyle by changing the paradigms of living spaces with unique ideas.


We vision beyond structural spaces in creating a cultural icon for people and art to establish a link and giving the architecture its symbolic existence.


As the worldwide travel and leisure activities are increasing, accommodation and leisure facilities continues to grow. 

Master Plan

Jitda’s urban design involves a variety of services from overseas urban development, master plan, urban planning, landscape design of nature-friendly outdoor spaces and cityscape design. A close interrelation of those fields of services secures project viability and profitability while adding locational value to the development sites.


Jitda’s commercial design strength stems from an interdisciplinary collaboration with architectural design, urban design, and retail planning. We effectively adopt and respond to the changing market demand and trends, delivering the most effective solution for our clients.

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